5 avril 2011 2 05 /04 /avril /2011 17:18




Country: France

City: Montpellier

Age: 20

Years of skateboarding: 10

Sponsors: Gravis, Analog, Trauma Skateboards


5 avril 2011 2 05 /04 /avril /2011 16:37




Country: Belgium

City: Lauwe

Age: 21

Years of skateboarding: 9

Sponsors: Gravis, Analog, Alien Workshop, Zumiez Skatepark and Shop, FKD, Silver


I grew up skating with some friends back in my hometown. Now it's my life, I can't imagine it without skateboarding. Especially the Zumiez Crew helped me out a lot. It's there where I mostly grew up, just skating, watching other and better people skate, meet new people, have fun ...



1 avril 2011 5 01 /04 /avril /2011 17:10




Country: Austria

City: Vienna / Berlin

Age: 23

Years of skateboarding: 11

Sponsors: Vans, Über Skateboards, Volcom, Polster Trucks, Stil-Laden, Electric Eyewear


Skateboarding becomes bigger and bigger, contests like this one are part of the evolution, just like any other event...keep going!



31 mars 2011 4 31 /03 /mars /2011 19:02


Evelien Bouilliart


Country: Belgium

City: Aalter, East Flanders

Age: 21

Years of skateboarding: 11

Sponsors: Hoopla Skateboards, Etnies Shoes, Rockstar Bearings, Bones Wheels, Nixon,

Von Zipper, Zumiez Belgium, Girls From OMSK Clothing




31 mars 2011 4 31 /03 /mars /2011 18:41




Country: Netherlands

City: Nijmegen / Tegelen

Age: 20

Years of skateboarding: 8

Sponsors: Blackriver, Etnies Shoes, Reel Denim, Left Skateshop, Skullcandy, Satic Griptape


30 mars 2011 3 30 /03 /mars /2011 17:30




Country: Portugal

City: Lisbon

Age: 16

Years of skateboarding: 6

Sponsors: Volcom, Vans, Connexion Wheels, Enjoi, Redbull


Video industry and serious contests always bring innovative maneuvers, demonstrating the spirit of adventure and freedom that skateboarding provides...


30 mars 2011 3 30 /03 /mars /2011 16:54




Country: France

City: Rouen

Age: 21

Years of skateboarding: 7

Sponsors: Enjoi, Quiksilver, Hawaï Surf, Spitfire, Nike SB


29 mars 2011 2 29 /03 /mars /2011 16:52




Country: Finland

City: Helsinki

Age: 26

Years of skateboarding: 17

Sponsors: Globe Shoes, Jart Skateboards, Micmac Clothing


Skateboarding has always been progressing, tricks are getting bigger and harder. People are traveling all around the world to find new spots to skate them... At one point there is no more switch stance, only regular, goofy, fakie and nollie stance.















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